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Local Muslim leader pleads for peace

“God created us to know each other. Not to fight each other,” Abdul Baki said. He continued on to acknowledge what he called widespread stereotyping and “Islamaphobia.” He said being Muslim does not mean supporting Isis…more:

An Irish Tale of Hunger and the Sultan

The story goes like this: In 1847, the worst year of the Irish potato famineheader-irish islamic kindness tword non-muslims, an Irish physician in service to the Ottoman Sultan in Istanbul beseeched the sovereign to send aid to his starving countrymen. His pleas moved Sultan Abdülmedjid i to pledge £10,000 sterling; however, upon learning that England’s Queen Victoria was sending a mere £2,000, the Sultan, out of diplomatic politesse, reduced his donation to £1,000. Nevertheless determined to give more, he secretly dispatched three ships loaded with grain to call at the port of Drogheda in County Louth, north of Dublin. In gratitude, the city of Drogheda incorporated the Turkish star and crescent into its municipal crest, a symbol that endures to this day, appearing even on the jerseys of the Drogheda United football club. …more aramcoworld


Exclusive: Bill Gates on helping the GCC to tackle poverty and disease across the Muslim world

I never had the chance to meet the late Kuwaiti Dr Abdulrahman Al Sumait, but in recent months I’ve come to appreciate the remarkable man that he was. A physician, Islamic scholar and philanthropist, Dr Al Sumait embodied Kuwait’s tradition of generosity and concern for people in need, which UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon underscored last year in recognising His Highness the Emir Jabar Al Ahmad Al Sabah as a “global humanitarian leader”….MORE:  .arabianbusiness.

14 ways you can fight Islamophobia

Islamophobia is real. You may have personally experienced it or know a family member, friend orGood and Evil deeds are not alike. Requite evil with good, and he who is your enemy will become your dearest friend. But none will attain this save those who endure with fortitude and are greatly favored by God. (Quran 41: 34-35) acquaintance who has. This new racism must be made known and fought against. Here are a couple of ways to combat this phenomenon:…more: soundvision


Why Does Allah Allow Suffering and Evil in the World?

“(Allah) Most Gracious! It is He Who has taught the Qur’an. He has created man: He has taught Image result for ‫خير وشر‬‎him speech (and Intelligence). The sun and the moon follow courses (exactly) computed; and the herbs and the trees both (alike) bow in adoration. And the Firmament has He raised high, and He has set up the Balance (of Justice), in order that you may not transgress (due) balance. So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance. It is He Who has spread out the earth for (His) creatures.” (Ar-Rahman:1-10)…MORE:  onislam

Life as a Muslim cadet

Noor Shahed joined the Corps of Cadets in part to lead the way for other Muslims.

“I’m enlisted in the [U.S.] Army, and I just got back from basic training, so I’m committed,” Shahed said. “I’m in the Corps to prove to Muslim girls out there that they can do it.” See More THEBATT.COM

Muslim Canadians Who Won in the 2015 Federal Election

An unprecedented number of Muslim Canadians ran in the 2015 Federal Election. With the Liberal surge Muslim Canadians Who Won in the 2015 Federal Electionnationally, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area, several of them won, including Canada’s first Somali
Canadian MP Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s first Iranian Canadian MP Majid Jowhari, and Canada’s first Afghan Canadian MP Maryam Monsef. The majority of Muslim Canadians who will be coming to Parliament are newcomers to politics with the exception of Omar Alghabra and Yasmin Ratansi who were previously Liberal MPs. So far, we have confirmed 10 Muslim Canadian Candidates in total, the largest number in Canadian history. …more: