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Imam Opens Mosque’s Doors To Stray Cats To Keep Them Warm

In Istanbul, Turkey, there’s a mosque where you can pray alonstray-cats-mosque-aziz-mahmud-hudayi-mustafa-efe-istanbul-turkey-4gside cats. We’re not kitten you! The Aziz
Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque’s imam Mustafa Efe has been letting stray cats in since last year. He wants to keep them warm during the cold winter days.
Efe makes his guests feel exactly like at home. In fact, the felines are so safe and comfy there that one cat even brought her kittens one by one! She placed her fluffballs in the pulpit from where Efe preaches. “The kitty has found the heart of compassion and mercy,” Efe wrote on Facebook….more:

boredpanda This is how the Quran proves that Islam is a peaceful religion

Here are some of the terms and conditions: first, Muslims cannot pre-emptively initiate a war. They are only allowed to act in defense. Muslims have permission from God to fight back only when they are expelled from their houses or lands. War can be waged if there is a situation where defenseless people are under attack and ask their Muslim allies for help. The last reason for a just war is when war breaks out between two groups of believers and one party does not intend to stop it in spite of a proposed truce…more:

Pew Research Center: How and Why “Prophe Muhammad” Made a Difference

“There is no God but God alone without companion.” That’s good: no-compromise, no-nonsense monotheism — very clear. We flip to the other side, and here in the center we have a rather longer passage: “He is God, One. God, the everlasting refuge, who has not begotten and has not been begotten and equal to him is not anyone” (Koran, chapter 112.) That’s the same uncompromising monotheism, …more: pewforum.

Why some Russian women embraced Islam

Despite the fact, that a majority of people in Russia belong to the Russian Orthodox Christian faith, Muslim womenMuslims are not considered exotic or alien in the country. Unlike European countries, where Islam was brought in by migrants, in Russia many indigenous peoples professed Islam for centuries and lived side by side with Christians. However, during the Soviet era, all religions were frowned upon. The collapse of communism led to a rapid return to Orthodox Christianity and Islam….more: