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Islam VS. Racism (In-depth)

One of the distinctive features of Islam is its intrinsic rejection of racism. Discrimination on the basis of people’s races and ethnicities is incompatible with basic principles of Islam like the equality and dignity of human beings and the Absolute Justice of God who created all humans.

In fact, diversity and differences of races, languages, ethnicities and colors are deemed in the Qur’an as signs of the Greatness of Allah and blessings that should prompt people to know each other rather than hate or discriminate against one another. What matters in the sight of Allah, is your goodness and deeds, not your color or race….MORE onislam.

Islam to Fight Hunger

Eliminating hunger is one of the biggest challenges facing the world.  About 805 million people –one in nine of the world’s population- were chronically undernourished in 2012–14, with insufficient food for an active and healthy life.”  (FAO Hunger Map 2014)The causes of the problem are multiple and the work needed to eradicate it is enormous. Islam has much to offer in this regard. In this series, we present a collection of the Qur’an verses and Prophet’s Hadiths that directly or indirectly handle the problem. They provide a number of strategies to fight hunger:more…onislam.

The Muslims of Early America

Islam is part of our common history — a resilient faith not just of the enslaved, but of Arab immigrants in the late 19th century, and in the 20th century of many African-Americans reclaiming and remaking it as their own. For generations, its adherents have straddled a nation that jolts from promises of religious freedom to events that give the lie to those promises. MORE: nytimes.