Are Any Plastics Safe? Industry Tries to Hide Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Bottles, Containers

Are you freaked out by plastic bottles and containers? Mother Jonesreporter Mariah Blake joined  us in studio to detail all the shocking facts she uncovered when reporting this story about BPA-free plastics — and confessed that she has removed all plastics from her own home.

Given the response to this interview back when it first aired, we’re not surprised to see it rank #13 in our list of the 20 most popular segments of the year.

World Arabic Language Day – 18 December

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UESCO) has declared 18 December as World Arabic Languagenumber system 2 Day.

Arabic is an official language of the UN and has been since 18 December 1973 when the UN General Assembly designated it as the sixth official language of the United Nations. Each of the official languages is celebrated with an international day and it was during its 190th session that the UNESCO Executive Board adopted a decision to celebrate 18 December of every year as World Arabic Language Day. MORE routesintolanguages

Poll: Arab opinion strongly negative on Islamic State

The killer and his victim will be brought on the day of Resurrection

Narrated / Authority of: Salim bin Abu Jad:images
“Ibn Abbas was asked about one who kills a believer deliberately, then repents, believes, does righteous deeds and follows true guidance. He said: ‘Woe to him can there be any guidance for him? I heard your Prophet say : “The killer and his victim will be brought on the day of Resurrection, with slain holding onto the head of his killer, saying: ‘O Lord, ask this one, why did he kill me?” By Allah, Allah the Mighty and Sublime revealed (reference to the Quran An-Nisa 4:93) it to your Prophet (saw) then He did not abrogate it after He revealed it.” (Confirmed Hadith)


quran Narragansett | For centuries it was believed that Christopher Columbus was the first man from the Old continent to cross the Atlantic to the New World, but new evidence from a research team from the University of Rhode Island suggests Muslim seafarers might just be the first people to have settled on the shores of America, a possibility that could rewrite history as we know it. The discovery completely took the researchers by surprise admits professor Evan Yuriesco, in charge of the research team. more: http://worldnewsdailyreport.

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Stop asking Muslims to condemn terrorism. It’s bigoted and Islamophobic.

We should treat people Haron Monis as what he is: a deranged lunatic. And we should treat Muslims as what they: normal people who of course reject terrorism, rather than as a lesser form of humanity that is expected to reject violence every time it happens.

One lesson of Sydney: it’s time for us to end our demand that Muslims denounce…