Seeking the Night of Al-Qadr

It is narrated on the authority of Zirr ibn Hubaysh  that he said, I asked Ubayy ibn Ka‘b : “Your brother [in faith] Ibn Mas‘ood  says, ‘Anyone who stands [for the supererogatory prayer every night] throughout the year will happen to witness the Night of…

Friends in Faith: A Jews, Christians, Muslim Dialog

Twelve area hffaithouses of worship co sponsored “Friends in Faith” that began with a panel discussion, continue with questions and answers between attendees and panelists, and conclude with informal conversation over desserts prepared by members of the sponsoring houses of worship. The event has
been organized by the Pioneer Valley Interfaith Refugee Action Group.The interfaith committee was formed several months ago with a threefold purpose: to lobby the federal government to admit more refugees fleeing the war in Syria, to counteract Islamophobia and make the Pioneer Valley welcoming and safe for Muslims, and to help meet the needs of refugees resettling in our region…more: – youtube –Radio
FireShot Capture 36 - Interfaith dialogue, Christians, Jews _ - http___masjidma.com_2016_05_19_intInterfaith dialogue, Christians, Jews & Muslims Imam Wisam Abdul BakiImam Wissam Baki  Interfaith dialogue, Christians, Jews _ - http___masjidma.com_2016_05_19_int