Scott Walker Foreign Policy Guru Called for Nuking Muslim Countries, Mass Deportations

This is a possible campaign advisor advocating for nuclear genocide across all of the Middle East, something that the campaign is apparently willing to defend. Governor Walker should be distancing himself from Hermening not embracing such extreme ideas.”…more:  FIRSTLOOK.ORG

10 Misconceptions About Islam That Muslim Americans Are Tired of Hearing

Can you grab that bottle of Sriracha on the top shelf?” my mother asked, as we made our way down the “ethnic” aisle at our local grocery store. It was around 5:30pm, my father was almost home from work, and my mother and I were out getting last minute ingredients for dinner. As we waited in the checkout line, waiting to pay for our goods, I hear a voice behind me, “You here to steal something?”….more:

Shariah flap pushes Irving mayor into national spotlight

“I would never in a million years have expected the negative reaction I got,” Van Duyne told the crowd at the church, before reading her first Facebook post on the topic. Cheers filled the church as she recited her old lines: “If it is determined there are violations of basic rights occurring, I will not stand idle and will fight with every fiber of my being.”

“This is what started the ‘I’m a hateful, bigoted, racist Islamophobe,’” she explained afterward….After she left the podium, an organizer changed the subject: “Who’s thinking about the next Republican primary already?”

From her front-row seat, Van Duyne’s hand shot up immediately….more: dallasnews

Denmark Enacts Ban on Kosher and Halal Animal Slaughter: “Animal rights come before religion” 

Denmark enacted a sweeping banon the religious slaughter of animals Monday, prompting a furious backlash from Jewish and Muslim community representatives.

The ban, which requires slaughterhouse workers to stun animals before killing them, will now extend to religious communities that were previously afforded an exemption. “Animal rights come before religion,” Danish minister for agriculture and food Dan Jørgensen told Denmark’s TV2…more:  TIME.COM

Centering Black Narrative in Early Islamic History | LaunchGood

Inspiring! “Centering Black Narrative in Early Islamic History,” a new book project initiated by Dawud Walid (co-founder of Muslims for Ferguson) and Ahmad Mubarak. As we contemplate how to address anti-Black racism within Muslim communities, this can help unravel harmful stereotypes by expanding our appreciation of Black Muslims. The co-authors describe the book as useful for children and adults. Please donate/share! ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ ‪#‎BlackMuslimHistoryMatters‬

Black Muslim Nobles Among the Early Pious Muslims